We’re Hiring! Tips to land a job in the Cannabis industry.

Considering a move into the Cannabis industry? We think that’s an excellent idea. Here are a few tips on making that move successfully.

  1. Know the products! We offer so many great resources for our customers so we want someone who has the knowledge. Making sure you are giving the best advice possible to help the client select what is right for them. No matter what role you take on in a dispensary or grow, you should always have a solid understanding of the products and the effects they have.
  2. Stay on top of Cannabis trends. Yes, that is a thing! This industry is always changing and evolving so staying in the know will help when those changes come fast.
  3. Communication is crucial! Put your customers at ease and share personal stories if it relates to the products they are interested in. They will thank you later and come back to talk to YOU.
  4. Research shops on a local and national level. Find out how each one is running the business to help you narrow down the role you are most suited for. Is it on the front lines of the dispensary? In the grow working with products? Or on the Operations team to help with the overall goals of the business.
  5. Ask ALL the questions. Check out a dispensary and ask what makes them different. With all of the different shops, its great to find one that lines up with your goals.

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